Why Women Play Golf – Mostly based on 6 great facts.

women play golf

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Why Women Play Golf! Are you considering a game full of pleasure & business, golf should come in priority because the game itself is as it is. If you are thinking of business and pleasure within the same game, consider golf because the game golf stands first on the checklist.

There is an estimation that 90% of the fortune 500 CEOs are playing golf & the top management executives in about 25 million are also playing golf in the U.S. Still, the one gap between men & women is not enough women are entering this great game. The LPGA Tour is older than the PGA Tour women are seen to play golf. Reverse to conventional thinking women are always taking the opportunity to play golf.

But the problem was the proportion of female participation in the great game of golf was low. According to the National Golf Foundation, the most inspiring statistic is that 21% – 22% of female participation are increasing since 1980. Still, Man plays more rounds than women, the consistency over rounds within golf game females are playing a lower proportion (about 17%) of the total.

Let’s explore why women should participate more & consistently complete rounds within the golf.  We will discuss the six most impressive reasons for women finding in our research for women, why women should play golf.

1. The golf fashion & lifestyle is fun

The woman who loves fashion will enjoy golfing apparel, shoes, hat, other golf accessories. Each year women’s golf accessories, shoes & apparel are getting more sophisticated.

2. Getting pleasure outside

Getting outside during the middle of a beautiful weekday or weekend there are nothing more pleasures to compare with. Golf outings often take place of your business. Golf gets you out of your office into fresh air & under sunshine.

3. Golf socialize you with the community

Yes, golf can be a really fun activity to enjoy with friends also the opportunity to network professionally. Not only that, the handicapping scoring allows compering the abilities for players of all to compete together.  Still, If you are all beginners you can manage to take golf lessons together like “Golf for Beginners” to have the fun of being social.

4. Golf helps to move your career ahead

Golf is a game all about networking with others. If you are considering quality one-on-one time with upper management or building bonding with new clients, golf comes first. During the golfing time, you enjoy potentially drinks & the time you spend on the course which could be priceless in your career.  Because 80% of golfers are considering golf as an important business development tool, also supported by Barron’s survey.

5. You can play golf anywhere

The game golf is established as a world sport. This includes 45,000 courses all over the globe, it is very easy to find a golf course nearby where ever you are. This is a great game to play when conducting international business or on a trip with your family!

6. Golfing counts as exercise

A good golf round can provide plenty of exercises, it can make you walk for up to five hours! you can burn around 1,600 calories per 18 holes of golf, supported by average golfers.

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