Why golf is the best sport? let’s consider 20 valid reasons.

Why golf is the best sport

Wise Golfers firmly believe that golf is the best sport. Golf is not only a sport, it’s a lifestyle. Yes! Golf is the greatest sport on the Globe, and here we present our top 20 reasons why it’s the best.

Golf is the best of all sports. Every player believes that their sport is the best of them all, and they are the true supporters of their game, so this happening all over the world.

Finally, when it comes to a matter of judgment. Here we Wise Golfers, announce our demand that golf is the greatest sport in the globe. Let’s check below:


Golf is a game where there are unwritten rules such as never walking on other players putting lines, at the end of each round shaking hands, and n the group all together helping to look for lost golf balls.

The game emphasizes respect and good manners, and this is very important for which as a golfer you will very comfortable on the golf course.

Golf is a game where there are unwritten rules such as never walking on other players putting lines, at the end of each round shaking hands, and n the group all together helping to look for lost golf balls.

The game emphasizes respect and good manners, and this is very important for which as a golfer you will very comfortable on the golf course.

Nothing is comparable to playing golf on a pleasant course on a sunny day

Golf in sunny weather, on a summer’s day playing with your mate on a lovely course, cannot be compared with any entertainment, can it?

There are lots of different ordering of playing golf.

You can play Texas-scramble, Stableford, medal, greenstones, foursomes, the chart goes on. In golf, you will find so many other ways to play and enjoy your play, which means that you will never get bored.


While you know golf you will understand how versatile a game can be. You can play on your own or can play up to three at once with your mates. You can make it four if you feel rebellious.

Anyone with contrasting abilities can compete with you.

It is because of the handicap system, that golfers with different abilities can take part against one another on a level playing field. You can play in opposition to any professional, which is impossible in other sports, can you do that?

You can drink and eat while playing golf

You can walk around the fairway eating anything from an apple to a heavy dinner. Which other sports let you do this? and It goes the same with the drink.

 If you feel thirsty for a coffee you can have one, if you are craving

 for a beer or if you want to bring your own hipflask and celebrate a birdie with some port?

Several ways of carrying your clubs

There are several ways of carrying your clubs. Most golfers use a trolley, Carry the golf bag, or a buggy on the course.

In golf, there is no age limit

Do you know Tiger Woods started playing? he starts playing golf when he was only two, and do you know the age of the oldest golf player?  the world’s oldest golfer is 103. Every club maintains its junior & senior sections. People of all different ages enjoy golf which is not seen in most other sports.

You can choose the holes you want to play

You are not bound to play the standard 18 or nine to complete the game, but if you want less and which is usually easy, just play particular loops of six or five holes.

 If you’re enjoying the game and if you want to play 100 holes in a day! yes! you can, just make sure you start early.


Golf is an extremely rewarding game. It’s also very agonizing, frustrating, and painful, but that just makes it even more exciting and rewarding when it all comes better, and it does, in the end. You will have that feeling when you have your first experience of breaking 70, 80 or even 90 is a significant moment and will make you realize all the excitement & rewards.

golf is the best sport

Practice anywhere

You can practice golf in the garden, the club, the living room, on the range, – literally anywhere.

You can play longer professional golf than most the sports

For example, you can consider Tom Watson, if he was a footballer he’d have retired 30 years ago. Yet at age 60 he participated the professional golf and compete one shot away from winning the Open Tournament at Turnberry.

As a team or as an individual you are allowed to golf

Golf is usually played as a single game but you can play as a team event in all aspects of various varieties. Where you will enjoy different teams of the game with any number: fourballs, three-balls, pairs, or 12-man Ryder Cup tournament style.

Every round of golf is different

We guess if you are a regular golfer then you must have faced the question from your buddies or families that is “don’t you get bored by the same course, same balls, same game?” Yes, the answer is always negative.

The situations are never the same, the association is never the same, and your golfing is without doubt never the same. Every individual round on the course is dissimilar and that’s why we enjoy golfing and keep playing & coming back to it.


Golfing it’s not the most physically challenging sport out there. Still, you are forgetting that golfers need to walk over five to six miles on average to cover the 18-hole round. That’s on the sand, downhill, uphill, in thick rough, and by all sorts of other grounds  – great exercise.

Great Outdoor Game

When you complete a round of golf, you have already spent that time outer side. That means fetching a lot of sunscreens, but it also means you must get the advantages of spending time outside. Let’s list a few advantages of the outdoors :

  • Sound sleep
  • Controlled blood pressure
  • Reduce depression
  • Improved creativity
  • Lower anxiety

Being in a beautiful location in nature you can enjoy a sound mind & healthy life, either!

Making Friends

You can play golf with your friends, also another advantage of golf is that you can introduce yourself to new mates and make new friends with same-minded people. In golf making friends is the easiest way just head to the course alone.

You can inform your clubhouse that you’re willing to join others, and they will introduce you to the course happily to set you up with other willing players or groups. If you plan to do the socialization by yourself, then you will need to head out for a celebratory drink with a new mate, friend, or two.

Know Yourself Better

Golf is not like many other games, it is personal. Because in golf most of the time you challenge yourself & play against yourself. Always you are trying to break your own past score. This gives you a lot of joy to walk long and to do greater than the previous time you have played.

luckily, there is a lot of way to improve your golfing, so always you can learn and keep improving your performance. As you improve, you must set new targets for yourself to perform more and more strokes off your past performances.

Golf is the best of all sport

A Family Game

Considering your kids’ entertainment, why not fetch them on your next golf game? If they became older, they can walk with you on the course and get exercise. If they’re still younger, then you can bring your golf cart to help them out. Golf clubs are available in every shape, color,

and size, so you don’t have to limit your kids’ golf involvements to the putt-putt golf course. Bring your full family to get benefited from golfing and develop bonding.

Better Business Network

For developing a new business network, the best place may be the golf game. Ask why? It’s simple. Golf is played by many corporate people and business owners. There is no surprise that it’s the best way to practice great exercise, and the opportunity to get out of the office for a recess. If you’re thinking of bettering your career, this might be the right time to take part in golfing. There are also a few great ways by which you can utilize golf to better your business networks.

Initially, you can take out your clients, bosses, or colleagues for a round. It’s a better scope to enjoy each other’s association and have an impartial place where it’s simple to discuss mutual interests. This will also help you to develop new business networks. While you are making new friends on the golf, you may find more business contacts in similar industries to where you are working with.


We briefly narrated that golf is an outdoor game that can help you reduce anxiety, but this is a continuous process and needs repeating actions like the golf itself can also help you to relax. This is especially a real fact if you’re golfing by yourself. When it’s your club, the ball, and just you, it’s up to you how you handle the rest of your problems.

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