We writing for those women falling in love with golf!

women falling in love with golf

Hello lady golfers! Are you one of those women falling in love with golf? Congratulations on your decision to become a golfer, you’re going to love it!  If you are considering yourself as a beginner, and you are in hesitating on where to start, then you are in the right place.

More and more women are growing to love the game of golf as the game progresses in the modern era of the game.  The sport is moving away from a game dominated by men.  Country clubs and public courses across the United States and the entire world have more and more women entering the game. 

Golf is not easy, and it does take lots of determination to learn the game, however.  Lots of practice and determination can make sure you have a great time on the course.

women falling in love with golf & courses

For golfers, golf is not just a game but also a lifestyle! You can ask the great golfers or ask your friends. With golf being an outdoor game, you can enjoy the fresh air, get your exercise, and relax your mind! 

When you begin playing, patience could be your greatest enemy.  Golf can be very frustrating when you begin playing; patience and determination can overcome that.  It is important to remember that everyone that has played golf has been a beginner at one time. 

When you pick up your club for the first time, you might be a bit nervous.  If you hit a bad shot, that may compound your worries.  That happens!  Don’t worry about it; gradually you will be comfortable with your game, your equipment, and your peers.  When you make your first birdie, it will feel like you’ve made an amazing accomplishment.

If it is your first time on the course, just know that even the best don’t hit the perfect shot every swing.  We are here to help you, and want you to have an amazing time with your friends.

We will share some golf tips for women with you today.  These will help make your experience at the course more enjoyable. We feel you will start falling in love with golf! Here are few golf tips for women:

When you begin, we recommend heading to the driving range and hitting some balls.  Trying to get a ‘feel’ for the motion is something that cannot be taught in the beginning.  With golf, time spent is an important factor in playing well. 

Naturally, the more you play, the better you play.  Having a lesson or two in the beginning can help the beginner develop some confidence.  Golf professionals also allow on course lessons.  These can be super helpful as well as you can learn how to manage the course and etiquette while playing.

Know what equipment you will need for the day on the course.  Clubs, balls, tees, sunscreen, and a pushcart are usually on most golfer’s list.  If you don’t have a pushcart, it may be good to research on one that you would like. 

Learn about the features of the equipment and try to understand the technological advantages of it.  Would you prefer a three-wheeler or four-wheeler pushcart?  The frame, wheels, size, weight, storage capacity, folding capacity, and handle are all important aspects to look at.

The market is full of alternatives options. So, choosing the best can be difficult!  For your convinence, I have shared my review “sun mountain speed cart gx review” that I use.

For golf clubs it is even more complicated.  What is Twist Face?  What is a forged head?  What is cup face technology, MOI, rear weighted irons, stepped shafts, amongst other things.  If you’re having trouble finding out what you need, a trip to the pro-shop and a helpful associate will be able to point you in the right direction as well.  Do not be afraid to ask for help.

GOLF Dos & Don’ts

You are also allowed to demo equipment.  It is a very common practice within the golf industry to demo equipment and feel it in your hands rather than in a picture from the internet.  Many courses host a “demo day” in the Spring usually.  That is when the new equipment comes out, and would be a good opportunity to find golf equipment that fits your game

Choosing the golf equipment will be the first most important thing.  Without good golf equipment, the odds of you enjoying yourself on the course go down. 

Making the right choice the first time and enjoying your clubs will help make a better outcome.  It is always recommended to read a product review although it may not be enough.  We also recommend reading the customer feedback on the product as well.

Now let’s focus on learning to play golf.  We recommend a few basic ways to help navigate the early trouble. You can join a golf camp and complete a session for beginners. 

It may cost you a few $ maybe $100 (+, -), But you must agree to invest in yourself is the best investment in your life!  If you don’t feel like going to a camp, perhaps a lesson with a PGA instructor.  These can vary from $40-$80 per hour but would be well worth your time.

Asking other golfers whom you like most would also be a great starting point.  Friends want to see you do well, and many times they will help!  You may have more options if you have more golfer friends willing to guide you.

For around $50, you can manage to join a league for the summer, so find a local league in your area and join! By joining, you can easily engage yourself in the golf community and earn more golfers’ friendship. Sounds interesting to you? So, don’t hesitate to register.

GOLF Don’ts

If you are not feeling great after golf, you can watch a golf tournament on TV. Sometimes watching the professional golfers struggle makes us feel better.  If there are any particular areas that you struggle with, you can always watch a Youtube video as well and look for instruction to improve.

Step onto the course and start playing, don’t feel bad about making mistakes.  Every professional makes them as well.  Try to learn from your mistakes, and don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Golf is very difficult, but it can also be extremely rewarding.

Golf is a unique game where no matter how well you play, you can always play better.  If you birdie 18 holes you still could have had an eagle.  Keep that in mind as you learn, because no one has and no one will ever master golf. 

If you need more tips or sharing please have a look at our “golf lessons for women”, please let us know by commenting below. We will love to answer you. Thank you. 

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