Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder Complete Review 2022

Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder

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Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder! Are you looking for a super fit and best performance golf rangefinder to bring the best on your golf on the course?

we must agree that golfers are really in pressure to choose the right rangefinder to enjoy a better approach to golf.

To get the advantage of having the ultramodern technology with top of the line performance Nikon’s industry-leading laser rangefinder, from the very first time on the golf course, take a look at the COOLSHOT Golf Laser Rangefinder which will fulfill your demand.

With this high-tech laser rangefinder, you will get easy to look through, thanks to a quality larger optical lens and with the lively, clear views provided by Nikon ’s multilayer-coated optics, you’ll find locating the flag is pretty cool and hassle-free.

It will be always necessary for you to considering your rangefinder for taking the perfect measure all over the course. So, if you play with the right rangefinder, it seems you will enjoy the playing of golf. To choose the right rangefinder among all available in the market is very important.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder

 We sincerely say,  to be an efficient and smart golfer, you will need to have a clear idea about all the golf requirements, and need a clear idea about the rangefinder to calculate your best shot with clarity and accuracy.  

To help you to choose the best suit golf rangefinder, we are here to discuss our research and findings of one of the best golf rangefinder in the market.

With this Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder review, you will get all the specifications of the product, which includes weight, size, design, durability, pros & cons, our experience, FAQ and more.

Are You In A Hurry? Our Top 3 Reasons To Buy the Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder.

Let’s take a look, in brief, why is it better?

  • The COOLSHOT 20 laser technology provides an accurate distance measurement
  • The device is also good for people who have eye problems, as the focus of the eyepiece can be adjusted
  • The COOLSHOT 20 is easy to carry in golf bags, pockets and even in hand
Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder

The Important Focuses That we consider in this article to rank between rangefinders are:

  1. Build Quality

    Build quality focuses more on particular parameters of component and refers to how well was it assemble. Discusses all initial lackings, and the things just like the assembly being out of alignment.

  2. Accuracy & Performance

    Well, Accuracy & Performance are relevantly important in the ability to perform up to the accurate level (declared by the manufacturer) for a particular product. we could say that it is a comparison of the measured value to a standard or true value on the course. Because measuring performances of a particular product can be measured by gathering the small sample readings. of course, The small number of reading reduces the risk of error of the accurate calculations.

  3. Design & Appearance

    This refers to the outlook presented by the product or tools and refers to how it has been designed when it appears as a visual impression. and it’s also direct to the fancy aspects of an object.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder

Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder seems pretty cool, easier, flexible and flowing rangefinder. As on our regular review process, we will start going through the first impression.

From the Nikon golf line, we will say Nikon’s COOLSHOT 20 Laser Rangefinder is the most compact and lightest model. This device comes with an easy-to-use feature which delivers accurate calculations of your every shot, and help you learn to manage the game better.

With the device’s First Target Priority Mode you will get one-click continuous measurement, also with easy distance calculation to bunkers, fairway ends, dogleg corners and ultimately the flagstick. The COOLSHOT 20 is manufactured with a  durable waterproof material that ensures using it into any type of weather. are the important features of its smartest use on the golf that is also very comfortable which makes the rangefinder excellent.

We will cover all the features of the rangefinder, After that, our focus will on the pros and cons, followed by the FAQ and our final words.

In our best golf rangefinder review, we talked about The Golf Buddy LR7S in brief and now it is time to explore into the depth. Let’s start.

First Look

We must say, you will be amazed at your first glance at the external beauty of this rangefinder. Its design and specification are much appreciable by most of the golfer. This is an awesome rangefinder with the ultramodern design.  Outlooks are so catchy and pretty cool that it will attract you towards it, by anyhow.  

Moreover, It comes with breathtaking different color interiors and the most user-friendly features. That is one of the good reasons, that all every golfer regardless of beginners and advance put this Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder top on their buying list.

You will find it out, how it will give you some ultimate advantage to get a better outcome of your regular golfing. Continue reading.

Every product must have some distinctive features whatever took it to your preferred list. And the Nikon coolshot 20 rangefinder isn’t different from that rule. It rangefinders amazing advantages to the golfers, by covering most of the user-friendly benefits.

Let’s check it out! Why Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder rated as the most fashionable, luxurious and useful golf rangefinder evermore. This branded rangefinder ultimate match with the following features.

Yes! Now, we will go details investigation bellow with the remarkable features you need to know.


Golf is a game that makes you tired. Particularly, if you walking the miles instead of driving on the course. You will surely ruin your game instead of improving it if you walk with a heavy rangefinder in this already. Here you should take a look! The key feature of the Nikon  Coolshot 20 Laser Rangefinder is its lightweight! It is the lightest rangefinder on the Nikon rangefinder generation. So, you do not have to worry about wasting your energy on carrying it. You will barely notice its presence in your pocket or golf bag, for this feature you will also thank its weight!


Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder

It’s established guess already most of you carry a huge smartphone in your hand for every time you go out or you at least carry it in your pocket. You can replace the phone with Coolshot 20 on the golf course because it is only 9cm by 7cm in size! This rangefinder is the most compact design among Nikon  Rangefinders and you can easily carry it in your hands or pocket on the course!


Yes, as  I already mentioned the size of the Coolshot 20 Laser Rangefinder and I know you already understand that you can carry it in your hands just like a smartphone. And, you might be thinking that smartphones are not very easy to carry, right? Well, this rangefinder is in the size of a phone but introduces a comfortable and compact shape design. It comes with plenty of grip space which makes you comfortable to control it. It is in the form of a mini water pot. How appropriate is that!

Easy To Use

Just point the rangefinder at your mark, push the rear button in its body you will have to get your distance on the screen in around 8 seconds! And, the Coolshot 20 golf rangefinder will shutoff itself routinely to save its charge, if it’s untouched.


The Coolshot 20  provides an accurate calculation of the distance from 6 yards to 550 yards.

6X Magnification Lens

Nikon Coolshot Rangefinder

One of the most significant things you should consider into the time once before buying a rangefinder is its Magnification capacity with it. Coolshot 20 comes with a lens of 6X magnification which is perfect for  550 yards or 500 meters. So, if you always take the long shot and win the ‘Longest Drive’ trophy, this Coolshot 20 is completely the best fit for you!

Laser Technology

Nikon’s Coolshot 20 Laser Rangefinder uses laser techniques to calculate its distance properly. Unlike the GPS System, laser technology is much more precise in measuring short distance. When you are closer to the pin when even a 6-yard distance matters. And, a laser rangefinder exactly delivers you with the perfect distance while a GPS one might overlook a few yards costing you an extra shot.

Durable Battery

For long-time support on the course, the Coolshot 20 Rangefinder uses a CR-2 battery. So, you can use the device for days without requiring any recharge routine, again  you can get the battery with  just  a cheap rate

The Cover

Are you worried about taking your rangefinder out in the rain? No worries for now! Coolshot 20 Rangefinder provides with a rain-proof cover. Also no need to worry about if suddenly you drop it on the floor either! As the cover is created with materials to protect the device from damage due to falls!

Measuring Unit Mode Button

Only one unit of dimension does not always give you a clear idea about the distance of the shots taken. You might be adjusted to counting long distance calculations in yards and the short once in meters. Coolshot 20 makes it easier for you to play by adjusting the meters to yards or yards to meters whenever its need, for their adjustments you just need to press the ‘Mode’ button on its body.


Everybody prefers a user-friendly rangefinder, also we are not in a different role. Simply, we will go for the cart which provides the maximum convenience to the golfer than other rangefinders. 

The Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder featured a noticeable competitive advantage that allows the golfers to get a better outcome on game improvement. First of all, this is a well-structured and compact rangefinder.  

Moreover, it is more comfortable to use than other rangefinders available in the market.

The golfer can handle it easily according to their intent. The well-structured design contributes a lot to provide much more convenience and accurate calculation to the golfer also with the batter slop adjusted distance.


Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder

Not only you! almost every user prefers such a rangefinder which ensures them a long term warranty.

In this way, you can shortlist the rangefinder for a long warranty period. The rangefinder is durable, so it can be used for a more extended period.

In any means, if there is any manufacturing problem arises, for such a long time warranty, it can fix it up easily. So, don’t take stress about its warranty. You will get 5 full year warranty from the manufacturer.

Nikon Cooshot 20 Rangefinder


In every case, the design impacts on the rangefinder durability. Because water-resistant device among the rangefinders and makes it convenient and functional. Also, the design increase the rangefinders’ lifetime. Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder has a well-established heritage for long durability.

The Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder is well designed and manufactured which impacts the targeting and slop adjustment distance calculation. In a word, we can say this rangefinder designed to deliver the golfers with a premium blend of clarity and accuracy.


we already said that this is a smart rangefinder that delivers the golfer long-time durability and convenience. To increase This Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder is a  water-resistant rangefinder with smaller and compact body design make the rangefinder durable and convenient years after years and beyond.


It’s easy to carry in golf bags, pockets and even in hand

The adequate gripping space makes the device comfortable to use.

The laser technology provides an accurate distance measurement.

The device is also good for people who have eye problems, as the focus of the eyepiece can be adjusted

Competent in changing the weather.

Recognizes the closest object according to the player’s need.

The cover is made of water-proof hard materials to protect it from damages due to sudden falls.

Automatically  saves the charge by turning itself off


Sometimes measure the distance accurately may be difficult, if used with shaky hands.

in windy weather, it requires more time to calculate the accurate distances above 200 yards.

The slope measurement feature has not included

A few days ago I had a chance to use this product. At the very first time of my uses, the measurement unites mode button I found very simple and easy to use than I expect. Moreover, it produces accurate calculation, a handy and elegant feel!  

Is it user-friendly?

we have discussed earlier in this review, that most of the active golfers are recommending this Nikon coolshot Rangefinder because of its user-friendliness.  Also on our investigation, we found other recommendations of this rangefinder for the same advantages. So you can feel free to decide about this rangefinder. 

Is the product worth your money?

We must agree that it’s a sensible question. Before purchasing your preferred rangefinder you must consider your budget. And Sincerely saying, no matter whatever your budget is; still, you can choose this rangefinder without any hesitation, because you can use the rangefinder years after years also can buy at a low price. So, It’s clear that comparing the product’s features this product has greater value than its price.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Answered:

  1. How is the brightness of the device?

    Answer: Medium brightness which is suitable for the eyes. It is not very bright but easy to see.

  2. Does it beep in operation?

    Answer: It is silent.

  3. How to use it?

    Answer: it is easy! You just have to point at your target, that you seek to measure. Press the rear button on the body of the rangefinder and it will take for 8 seconds to provide the calculation with the distance.

  4. Can I adjust the unit meters to yards or yards to meters?

    Answer: Yes, Coolshot 20 makes it easier for you to play by adjusting the meters to yards or yards to meters whenever its need, for their adjustments you just need to press the ‘Mode’ button on its body.

Final Words

If you are looking for a suitable and with the latest featured rangefinder, then Nikon coolshot 20 is the rangefinder, which might be the best suit of your interest.

We have already discussed that the entire feature of the rangefinder is the most competitive in the market.

However, We will recommend the Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder for the expert and beginners. The rangefinder will super fit with their interests. Because of the Nikon coolshot Rangefinder comes with premium technology and top of the line performance!  

After using this product you will be impressed and even you will keep thanking us!

Nikon Coolshot 20 Rangefinder

We already conducted our complete Nikon coolshot 20 Rangefinder review. We hope you have enjoyed and picked up some great details from here. Thank you for staying with us and we will see you next time!

Want to know more about Nikon  Brand?

Nikon is the well-established brand in the golf arena, it offers innovative quality rangefinders.

Nikon is an old brand with reputations for quality, sustainability, and unique design rangefinder. And, Nikon  is a well-known household name into the golfers’ zone  

Nikon rangefinder is designed for active and smart golfers who are looking for improving their golf performance. 

So, The active golfers are recommending Nikon rangefinder for their efficiency, innovation, and value.

However, all credits go to the brand because of all the advanced and user-friendly features they accumulated and add.

Let’s go for other products of Nikon  Brand!

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