Left handed golf tips a complete guide in 2022

Left Handed Golf Tips

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Left handed golf tips are vital part of left handed golfers.

Golf is one of the best sport for men, women even for young kids too. It will help to grow the mental and physical conditions. Whatever you have left-hander or right-hander. It does not matter to anything else. 

A wide number of the population is right-handed, as is most of the golfing population. But about 10 percent of the world’s population is left-handed and that 10 percent of populations are doing pretty good everywhere. 

 Are you serious to know about Left-handed golf tips of golf?

Have you left-hander? 

Are you looking for the left-handed golf tips for you? 

Life is very easy but we are making it so complex. Playing golf is so easy when you can able to learn the Left-handed golf tips about golf. 

I hope you can get my point on what I want to say. To enhance your knowledge about the Left-handed golf tips please read the below articles. After reading these articles you will gather more information regarding the Left-handed golf tips .

Left handed golf tips

Oh yes! You are looking for the left-handed golf tips. Please stay with me I am trying to explain all these tips in bellow: 

As you are a left-handed golfer, you have to know that certain things about Left-handed golf tips which important for you. It is a bit challenging for you but not impossible. I want to take your full attention over here. So that it will be very easy to make you understand within a short period.

Everywhere you may have seen that all the instructional tips and recommendations are written to accommodate right-handed golfers. We see it all the time, so in a very simple way, we can say that you have to think about it just in reverse everything.

As you already know that more than10 percent world’s population is left-handed. That number drops when you look at the overall golf population.

Golf is a game numerous left-handers end up playing right-handed, often because they learned with the much more accessible right-handed clubs.

But, if you enjoy the game, you must want to switch over, purchase particular lefty clubs and start playing golf the way you were meant to play.

left handed golf

Honestly speaking most of the left-handed golfers turns left to right-handed due to a variety of reasons, including the capability to play with the favored side toward the hole and the fact that most training professionals and teaching is designed for right-handed golfers, many left-handers choose to play golf right-handed. But, by doing so, you are limiting the success of your golf game.

I hope you are enjoying these articles. If yes, let me explore the benefit of Left-handed golf tips .

Notwithstanding whether the player is a left-hander or a right-hander, the maximum mechanism of the golf game is rather the same.

The simple thing is that you need to master some basics to qualify as a practically good player. From this opinion forwards you can loan your services as a specialized golf player.

New players must know this. Left-handed golfers obligation always retain their head down throughout the full swing. A similar thing is appropriate to the right-handed golfers too.

Most new players make the mistake of heady their heads to see where the ball is moving, which everybody should avoid.

More Tips for Left-Handed Golfers

Switch Body and Hips

Most of the players make the second mistake of not letting their body and hips by switching fully as they come through the ball. If you are a left-handed player, you must switch your upper body to its right to the supreme possibility to power your swing.

This would be lead by the right hip with the hands following it. This is one of the best ways to reach a solid hit.

Left-Hand makes the Swing

A player must ensure that their right-hand leads the swing and the left-hand makes it. The point is this. The power of their leading hand combined with the power of their main side needs to mutually drive through the ball once it is contacted.

Correct golf swing

Achieve the Swing with Full Follow

This is one of the most important tips for left-handed golfers. They must try to achieve their swing with a full follow done thereby leaving them on the balls of their feet.

This will prevent the condition where you land either plane footed or on your heels. As you end the complete swing in this way, you should have given the extreme power necessary.

Course Management

How to manage the course you must know that. Every article for left-handed golfers must need to talk about course management. Over their experience, players will determine that most holes veer from the left side to the right side.

These are well known as dogleg holes. If you wonder how to play this hole well, you need to know about a method called draw shot.

The important feature of this system is that the ball under control must make a curve to turn to the right or left depending on whether you are a right-handed or left-handed golfer.

Why Left-handed golf tips Make Better Golfers

Several scientists believe that left-handers have a different sporting benefit and as a left-hander who plays golf right-handed, I’d have to agree.

Seemingly it is the faultless amalgamation for hand-eye co-ordination.

The brain contains two hemispheres that achieve different tasks, and it’s supposed that in left-handers these roles are more evenly distributed between the two sides making the brain more symmetrical.

For example, in a left-handed tennis player, the controls of drive and space management are completed on the right side of the brain.

Therefore the development of seeing the ball coming and hitting it are dealt with by the same half of the brain.

In a right-hander this visual information has to be transmitted to the opposing hemisphere to direct a player’s movement, adding an extra 20 or 30 milliseconds to the reaction time.

Hardly important, you’d think but it can be conclusive in a world-class sport where a major number of the world’s best tennis and table-tennis players are left-handers.

But it’s not only a question of speed. Some scientists think that left-handers possess distended right hemispheres, giving them greater spatial skills to co-ordinate their actions and reactions.

Half the finest fencers in the Olympics are lefties while two of the world’s top eight golfers, Phil Mickelson and Mike Weir, play cack-handed – even both are naturally right-handed.

With Mickelson, he learned to play the game watching his dad and swung the club as a mirror image.

However he plays the ready right-handed, Arnold Palmer is left-handed. Ben Hogan was, too. Other renowned left-handed sportsmen include Sir Bobby Charlton, Johan Cruyff, Pele, and Maradona.

Left-handed leaders including Napoleon and Churchill while Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Rubens painted with their left hand.

British psychologists Charles Wood and John Aggleton, reckon the sporting advantage is more likely to be strategic than neurological.

In cricket, left-handed bowlers have the benefit of unfamiliarity and the ability to deliver the ball from a different angle and move in the reverse path to their right-handed counterparts.

Gloomily in golf, lefties are put at a separate difficulty in the diversity of apparatus obtainable to them.

They are frustrating it is to find some drivers, irons and wedges – and particularly putters – available solely for right-handers.

Do you have any idea about the national left-handed day? How to celebrate the day? 

August 13th is National Left-Handers Day! On 13 August 1992, the Club has launched International Left-Handers Day, a yearly happening when left-handers commonly can party in dissimilar ways to growing public consciousness of the assistances and disadvantages of being left-handed.

This occasion is now celebrated worldwide, and in the U.K. alone there have been more than 20 regional events to mark the day in recent years – including left-v-right sports matches, a left-handed tea party, pubs using left-handed corkscrews where patrons drank and played pub games with the left hand only, and nationwide “Lefty Zones” where left-handers inspiration, adaptableness, and sporting prowess were celebrated, whilst right-handers were encouraged to attempt out each day left-handed matters to see impartial how difficult it can texture using the mistaken tackle!

These proceedings have donated more than everything else to the overall consciousness of the doubts and obstacles left-handers involvement in an average life, and have effectively led to better creation design and better deliberation of our needs by the right-handed mainstream though there is still a long way to go!!

Hope after getting the above information at least you are feeling better than you have a great association and great day to celebrate yourself as a left-hander. 

As a left-handed golfer, you have to have a proper idea of how to sewing it? Let me discuss the sewing tips for you. Hope it will help you to grow a successful golfer. 

Swing Tips for Left-Handed Golfers are bellowed:


Gripping the club, start with the right hand on top, please closest to the end of the grip and the left hand underneath. The grip would be in our fingers, not the palm. To help get this touch, look for the crease among the palm and thumb. If you can see the grip, the club is not in your fingers and ought to adjust.  


  • Addressing the ball, the right shoulder in the leading shoulder and it should be pointing up in the air to help the ball into the air. 


  • The backswing, it must rotate on our left leg by keeping our left ankle, knee, hip, and shoulder inline. Besides, the right knee meaning front knee must bend into the left leg meaning back leg, this will help allow the body to rotate the club back. When the club is similar to the ground, the clubface must be facing away from the ground. At this moment the clubface is square. While the clubface is square it permits us to hit a straight shot.


After finishing the swing, there are three simple checkpoints, the club shaft, knees, and the left foot. First of all, the shaft of the club must be between the ears, behind the head. While the hands finish high, the ball finishes high.

At the same moment, the left and right knee must come close together to touch or almost touch as if there were cymbals amongst the knees that are clashing together. To help the knees together, the left foot will come up onto the toes and the bottom of the shoe will be visible.

I hope these tips have you ready for the course. 

I hope you already got very important tips and tricks for golf but it is also one of the most important parts in golf to memorize golf terms. No one can succeed without memorizing it. So you have to keep it in your top of the mind. 

People are always looking for something about his or her topics and I believe some questions are moving in your mind. Am I right? Okay, let me find out a bunch of important questions that are moving in your positive mind.

Here comes with some common FAQ and Answer that frequently asked regarding left-handed golf tips and others:

  1. What is the proper grip for a Left-handed golf tips ?

    Answer: Your thumb should argument down the grip, impartial to the left of midpoint. Location your hand at smallest a quarter inch from the upper of the grip. Home the small finger of your left hand in the gap among the central finger and forefinger of your correct hand.

  2. How many golfers are Left-handed golf tips ?

    Answer: Lefties style up 10 to 12 percentages of the population. In the golfing domain, manufacturing experts say, left-handed golfers, style up about 5 to 7 percentages of the North American marketplace.

  3. What hand should a left-handed golfer wear a glove on?

    Answer: Naturally, the glove is tatty on your highest hand as it narrates to your hold location. This resource right-handed golfers attire a glove on the left hand and left-handed golfers dress a glove on the right. Selected people desire to wear gloves on both hands to keep from blisters and calluses.

  4. Do lefties have an advantage in golf

    Answer: Yes, there is not a benefit to be a right-handed golfer against a left-handed golfer as you can be inordinate using whichever hand. The sequences and the clubs will not brand an alteration in your game. It is up to the golfer to achieve underweight and play the best game they can play

  5. Why should you play golf?

    Answer: There are many reasons to play golf, but we will point out a bunch of important reasons for you: Golf is an excessive way to get specific exercise. Golf is an inordinate way to bond with friends or family. It will help you to relax and get away from the daily routine. Golf is one of the good stress relievers. Golf gets you closer to landscape, and further away from your cell phone. Golf can be loved at any age or any level. It is all about fun 

  6. What club should I chip with?

    Answer: Many beginner golfers acquire hung up on this point. However, it is not significant. Your golf clubs with superior lofts Pitching and Sand Wedge will have a top route and the ball will not journey as far. Your subordinate lofted clubs will launch the ball worse, so it will roll out extra. Play more or less and have some enjoyment. Your set-up and golf chipping procedure stays similar for every club. Just make the equal chipping swing and the loft on the golf club do the take it easy for you.

  7. What is the difference between pitching and chipping?

    Answer: The most common meaning of a chip shot is that it has more ground time than air, with very small carry and more occasions bouncing and rolling on the green. Pitch shots often happen farther away from the green than chip shots and thus require a somewhat longer swing.

  8. Why do I hit my chips off the toe?

    Answer: Hitting the ball off the toe of the club is one of the most ordinary ball-striking problems. It more often than not occurs when the arms lose their additional room as the club moves into the collision zone frequently the swing path is pulling in for the reason that the golfer is trying to lift the ball off the ground

  9. What wedge is best for chipping?

    It is normally thought concerning putting in a gap wedge that's 48 or 50 degrees, a sand wedge that's among 54 and 56 degrees, and a lob wedge that's among 58 and 60 degrees. These are common strategies; create sure you are working with your fitter to get the gapping that works best for you.

We expect you found this guide helpful, as wow it took several times! If you have any explanation and question please leave them below. I will carry on building this resource for you over time.

If you want to be more successful in golf, then start practice and practice based on the above tips and tricks. If you follow all the above left-handed golf tips I am pretty sure you will be the best golfer within a year. I have seen my own eyes that many people have started their journey with a very big hope to be successful in their life but after a couple of weeks later they have lost their interest in it. So keep it up whatever it is and wherever you are? You have to practice on time. Whatever you are in the meeting, a flight, an appointment or a date, it’s important to ensure your time to make the practice.

We strongly believe that all the tips and tricks are so important to you that if you ignore this you will not be able to succeed in golf. Keep moving. Last but not least don’t listen to what people say rather you have to practice regularly.

In this article, we have tried to cover very important tips and tricks for you that will make you happy and confident enough. Apart from this a bunch of essential FAQs that are moving in your positive mind. We are pretty sure all these FAQs will make you more confident and strengthen in golf.

From the overhead discussion, we have seen Maximum physical printed for golfers apply generally to the right-handed players. Therefore while adopting them, left-handed golfers must opposite them for their requirements. This approach will take them forward effectively as golf players.

The popular tendency among left-handed golf players is to use the right-handed club since is extensively obtainable. However this cannot be ruled out as per rules, the left-handed players are at their greatest while using the left-handed clubs. They can purchase them from the sports shop and online market places.

We hope this article fulfilled your expectation and you have enjoyed a lot. We have already completed very important articles regarding golf issues. Any sorts of issues that are related to golf please knock with us. We will able to provide you a better version of the golf solution. Thank you for your great patience and for being with us.

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