Golf Driving Tips for Beginners

Golf Driving Tips for Beginners

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Golf driving tips for beginners, the driver is probably the most frightening club to study in golf. Beginning golfers are at the kindness of in sequence overload on the proper way to learn and play golf. With golfers, the receive information needs to be uncompleted and easy to remember. 

Types of golf driving tips for beginners

In golf hit workings, a drive, also recognized as a tee shot, is a long-distance shot played from the tee box, planned to shift the ball a vast space down the fairway towards the green.

Driving can be the mainly unapproachable part of golfing for beginners. It’s the first shot on one hole, so it’s significant to get it right! Make sure to place yourself and the ball properly, and then use correct balance and method as you swing to hit the ball. Avoid classic mistakes that beginners make, like trying to hit the ball with all your power, and with a little perform you will be sending drives straight and far down the fairway in no time!

Are you serious to know about golf driving?

How to hit a driver for a beginner? 

Are you looking for tips for beginners? 

Life is very easy but we are making it so complex.

Playing golf is so easy when you can able to learn the tips and techniques about golf driving. 

I hope you can get my point on what I want to say. To enhance your knowledge about golf techniques and driving. Please read the below articles. After reading these articles you will gather more in a row regarding the golf tips and techniques.

Oh yes! You are looking for golf driving tips. Please stay with us. We are trying to explain all these tips in bellow: 

Wide Stance of golf driving tips : 

When a beginner goes during their first training or clinics in golf, the instruction tends to be very fundamental. One of the most basic covers is posture. Apart from this is our stance and how wide it should be at the address location. Many new golfers are under the feeling that the golf stance should only be as wide as the width of their shoulders. This is untrue for most of our clubs in the bag. Wedges should see a thin stance as our longer clubs like a driver and 3 kinds of wood should see a stance that is wider than the width of our shoulders. The driver is the best club in our bag and we desire to make a wide stance to allow for this length when we swing.

This will aid in swallowing out the swing during impact and promotes solid speak to with the ball on the upswing. 

Ball Position: 

A proper ball position with a drive is imperative when learning proper driving techniques. The trend in the majority of beginners is to have an impartial ball place in the middle of their stance. Due to the length of our driver, we need to have a ball position set a little further up the instance. The perfect ball position for the driver is found between the in-step of the left heel and no further than the outside of the foot. 

Appropriate ball position set forward in the stance permits for the longer driver to fully rotate and square up. It also facilitates to promote contact on the upswing. Unlike irons wherever we like to see the club contact the ball first and then the ground, with the driver we like to have contact on the upswing to assist to make less turn on the ball. Less spin on the ball means straighter drivers. 


Hand position: 

While setting up to strike a drive, we want to guarantee our hands are in the right position. We should not see the hands too close to the body as this builds poor techniques in the first quarter of the wings. We also like to see a direct line relationship between the lead arm and the club shaft. 

The model hand and position for the driver is to have butt end of the club point at your belt buckle and roughly 10 to 12 inches away from the body. We require creating a little more room away from the body with the driver because of the length of the club. On 45.5” long, various new golfers do not regulate correctly that a driver has the main extent than many other clubs in the bag. The room we create assists in swallowing out the swing and making solid contact with the driver.   

Tee it up high: 

Formerly we have exact ball position, wide stance and appropriate hand position the next tip is to tee the ball up higher than standard. A picture most people are familiar with after they watch live golf is after an expert hits a drive the tee pops out of the ground and flips in the air. This is a consequence of them teeing the ball top and the club striking the ball on the upswing. 

Several people tee it up real high, but for most beginners, the perfect height is to get a 2075” standard length tee for and barely put it in the ground. The next step is to build sure you do not set up with the clubface right up beside the ball. But rather, leave a few inches of space between the ball and clubface. Again, this assists in hitting the ball on the upswing and launching the ball higher in the air.   

Low and low: 

The finishing tip for winning tee shots with the driver is to get the club away low to the ground and slow. An immense fault made by beginner golfers is the insight that the driver is hit the farthest, therefore, it has to be swung the fastest and hardest. Always consider that while swinging the driver it will pick up a lot of speed just due to the club’s length. Therefore, a great swing consideration to have before you start your swing is “keep it how and slow”. This will aid in increasing good tempo and decrease the effect of spin on the ball thus custody your tee shots straight. 


How to Hit a Driver for Beginners

Getting into Position: 

-Put your stance wider than your shoulders. 

Stand instantly with your feet out faintly wider than your shoulders. A wide stance will permit you to have a longer swing after you drive.  In general, longer clubs need wider stances, although shorter clubs want narrower stances. For example, you would use an extremely thin stance for a short wedge club.

Golf Driving Tips for Beginners

-Line the ball up with the inside of your main foot in front of you. Many beginners tend to place the ball accurately in the middle. You require setting the ball more onward in your stance, since the driver is an extended club, to permit the driver to square up by it. This as well means that the driver will strike the ball on the upswing, which generates less turn and straighter drives.

-Grip the club like a baseball bat with your main hand in front. Place both your hands on the grip of the driver, the identical way you would hold a baseball bat, but with the club sloping down towards the ball. Point the butt end of the club at your belt buckle. You can try interlocking the small finger of your main hand with the index finger of your non-dominant hand. This can add soothe and solidity to your swing.

Hold the driver 10–12 inches (25–30 cm) left from your body. Hold the handle of the club so that the butt end is about 10–12 inches (25–30 cm) away from your belt buckle. Back away from the ball until you generate sufficient liberty to hold the driver at this distance. Having your hands too shut to your body will generate a poor swing throughout the first part of the swing.

Tee the ball awake tall with a 2.75 inches (7.0 cm) tee. Use a regular 2.75 inches (7.0 cm) tee and hardly attach it in the ground. This allows you to hit more of the ball on the upswing and drive it additional and straighter. As you get additionally practiced, you can adjust the height that you tee the ball at to suit your style and favorite.

Swinging the Club

Pick a target in the distance to aim for. Decide a tree or a far away bunker, instead of just looking down the green. Stare at your aim and use it to line up your stance to obtain ready to start your swing. As a beginner, it’s simple to make the mistake of just aiming down the fairway and swinging away with all you’ve got, instead of picking a target to focus on.

Waggle the club back and onward to loosen up before you start your backswing. Do not lock up taut or you will have a deprived swing. Waggle the club awaiting you suffer your fingers and feet relax up.

 Lots of beginners congeal up below the force of driving. It is dangerous to stay your body calm to drive fine.

Stay balanced, go slow, and spend time at the summit of your backswing. Stay your middle of gravity in the center as you begin your backswing. Gradually pull the driver back and up above your head. Pause at the top of your backswing for presently a part of a second before you bring it back down towards the ball. 

· Many beginners make the mistake of letting their middle of gravity shift to the back, which will take away precision and power when you drive.

· The “pause” at the top is really just a slight hesitation that will allow your body to adjust and align the driver for the downswing. Several beginners do not let the club make the peak all the way on their backswing, which takes away power and accuracy from the swing as well.

· It’s a frequent misconception among beginners that you must pull the driver back and swing as fast as probable, when in fact, the conflicting is true. Focus on your form throughout the backswing and pull the club back slowly.

Use a sweeping movement and shift your balance forward in the downswing. Bring the driver back down at the ball and shift your middle of gravity to your front foot as you create contact. Use a sweeping movement, instead of a downward angle, to provide the ball more lift and less spin. 

· Remember that you don’t need to hit the ball at full power to send it far. Driving is more about form, balance, and system than power.

Swing during the ball and maintain your arm speed once you hit it. Let your arms keep swinging in a sweeping movement even after you create contact with the ball. This will make a smooth swing tempo and give your drive more correctness. 

· As a beginner, you may be tempted to just hit the ball hard, and then cogently stop your swing, but remember to allow your arms and body to entirely whole the swing. You should end with the driver over your head again in front of you.

A small guide for Beginners how to perform to Driving

The Address

Driving the golf ball healthy requires some basics at talk to that are well merit setting and should play a vital role in any basic golf guide. Your feet should be a portion wider than shoulder-width separately and your spine should bend a portion away from the aim. This will set your shoulders on an up angle – ideal for creating the upward strike you are looking for with a driver.

At address make sure that whilst your core strength is engaged, your grip force is light and that your forearms are not tense. You require your hands and arms to be calm into to make a free-flowing swing.

Finally, set the ball forward in your stance – just within your left heel. Again, this will assist you to find the up strike you are looking for with the driver with no need you to lean back through the crash.

Specific the impacted place

The first thing to think about when working your driving is how you set up to the ball. You are looking for a solid base that helps you to preserve balance.

At address, you should have 55% of your weight on your right side if you are right-handed. The wonderful shock place with the driver should be present at the shock.

Notice how my shoulders are slanted precisely how I would like them to be a crash. This is a huge initial point for a solid swing. A good address will assist you to evade a slice – perhaps the most ordinary fault in golf.

Tee height

The fundamental rule here is that the ball should be teed up so the equator sits in line with the summit of the driver at address.

If you are faced with a mainly tight drive you should think on sacrifice coldness to find the fairway. By teeing the ball lower than you generally do you will inform extra backspin on the ball, serving to carry on it traveling in a straight line.

Trial on the range with tee height to see the added correctness you can find, pending it becomes hard to obtain the ball up in the air. When you are faced with a wide-open fairway you can see the ball up higher. However, when you are trying to hit the fairway below force teeing the ball down is a good thought.


Any beginners direct to driving wants a piece on rhythm. This is the number one thing to spotlight on to hit the ball straight because trying to hit the ball too hard which frequently happens from the tee results in a loss of balance and therefore manage. It’s easy to lose your standard rhythm when the force builds on a mainly tight tee shot.

Players also tend to misplace their rhythm after working on their driving at the range as they get loose and establish lashing at the ball. Much of this rhythm is forbidden by modifying from the backswing to the downswing. It should be started by the lower body and a drive down starting with the front foot. The last obsession to move should be the shoulders. Gets the body moving in the right series, without speeding up things, and you will produce more drives on the fairway.

Load the backswing

You will not get better precision or distance if you cannot load the backswing correctly so that you assault the ball in the right way. The picture above completely demonstrates how the shoulders have completed a 90° turn although the hips are resisting. This mixture will mean that the whole body works together to create always long and accurate drives.

Putting a tour stick during your front belt loops and one over your shoulders is an immense way of getting a feeling for what it’s like to generate this place. You can also set up a club and leave the tour stick in your belt loops to get a feeling of a full shoulder twist as the hips resist.

Watch the ball

By trying to observe the ball off the face you will help to build sure that you uphold your spine angle and permit your arms to let go fully during impact. This will facilitate you to deliver the ball onto the face of the club as planned will improve your fairways hit in the directive.

As you swing during to your finish guarantee that you have swung throughout onto the toe of your right foot and that your belt buckle is facing the target. Shot on location at the Montgomery Maxx Royal, Turkey by Paul Severn

Obtain Paul’s Straight Driving Test

After each round takes a note pad and draw an H in it. Markdown whether you hit the fairway middle of the H or missed it right or left outside the H on the right side. After about 5 rounds take a look at the number of fairways hit and the side you missed them on mainly. This will aid to focus your performance.

We expect you already got a very precise suggestion about golf. Just remain it up. No one can achieve something without memorizing it. So you have to continue it in your top of the mentality. 

Golf Driving Tips

People are always looking for amazing concerning his or her topics and I suppose some questions are touching in your mind. Am I right? Okay, let me find out a bunch of significant questions that are moving in your optimistic brain. 

Now we are going to talk about a couple of some common FAQ and Answer that repeatedly asked about golf tips, tricks, and others:

Top 5 Tips on Beginner Golf Driving

  • 1. The driver is probably the most threatening club to study in golf. Beginning golfers are at the mercy of in order overload on the accurate way to be taught and play golf. …
  • 2. Tip #1 Extensive Stance.
  • 3. Tip #2 Ball locations.
  • 4. Tip #3 Hand place.
  • 5. Tip #4 Tee it up tall.
  • 6. Tip #5 Low and Slow.
  1. Why do I hit behind the golf ball?

    Answer: What Causes Hitting Behind the Golf Ball? Shocking weight move and dipping the correct shoulder can lead to u0022fatu0022 shotsu003cstrongu003e. u003c/strongu003eHitting after the golf ball, or hitting it u0022fat,u0022 is an ordinary crisis, particularly with tall handicappers. It is an annoying mishit that consequence in added strokes to the scorecard.

  2. What driver do long drivers use?

    Answer: One only requires to appear at the driver of 2016 World Long Drive winner Joe Miller. Miller utilizes a CallawayXR16 LDA driver by a Fujikura Joe Miller proprietary 3x shaft that is 50 inches in distance end to end. Not several golfers connect in conversations as regards disqualified golf drivers and various are biased thinking it is incredible that could give you more dilemmas than advantage. u003cbru003e Intech Golf Benemoth. u003cbru003eCustom Golf Drivers. u003cbru003ePinemeadow PGX 500cc.u003cbru003ePower Play Juggernautu003cbru003eHeater Ghostu003cbru003eOrlimar Black Big Buddha.u003cbru003eGeek Golf Dot Com.

  3. What is the most excellent long drive driver?

    Answer: Callaway XR 16 Driveru003cbru003e The top driver for long drives is the Callaway XR 16 Driver and this precise driver was used for the best drive world evidence. Joe Miller hit a staggering 423 yards using this driver to maintain the record.

  4. What is the most excellent long drive driver?

    Answer: u003cstrongu003eHere is the most excellent golf drivers you can buy:u003c/strongu003e u003cbru003e · Finest golf driver overall: Ping G400 Max.u003cbru003e· Finest golf driver for fixing a slice: Callaway Rogue Draw.u003cbru003e· Finest adjustable golf driver: Wilson C300.u003cbru003e· Finest golf driver for swing forgiveness: Cobra King F8.u003cbru003e· Finest affordable golf driver: TaylorMade RBZ Black.


Doesn’t matter what is your existing golfing level, we advocate the following markdown the two most important points from this article. Perform these for two weeks then your chipping attainment again. This will provide you feedback and permit you to frequently purify your two points until they feel standard. Once they no longer need conscious thought, come back here for the after that step.

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Driving Tips for Beginners

If you desire to be more victorious in golf, then start practice and perform based on the above instructions and tricks. If you go after all the above steps we make sure you will be the finest golfer within a year. I have observed my own eyes that many people have started their trip with a very large hope to be triumphant in their life but after certain days later they have lost their interest in it.

So keep it up whatever it is and wherever you are? You have to perform on time. Whatever you are in the meeting, a flight, a meeting or a date, it’s vital to ensure your time to make the practice. 

We powerfully believe that all the tips and tricks are so important to you that if you ignore this you will not be able to succeed in golf. Keep moving. Last but not least don’t pay attention to what people say rather you have to put into practice frequently. 

In this article, we have tried to cover up very significant tips and tricks for you that will craft you joyful and positive enough. Apart from this a bunch of necessary FAQs that are moving in your positive mind. We are positively sure that all these FAQs will make you more confident and strengthen in golf. 

We hope this article fulfilled your anticipation and you have enjoyed it a lot. We have already completed very imperative articles regarding golf issues. Any variety of issues that are related to golf please knock with us. We will able to provide you a better version of the golf solution. Thank you for your great endurance and for being with us. 

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